Lent Blog | Rev. Jack Carter

I have always loved the “road trip”. Our family trips, my memories of them, bring to me great joy. Not that all things on every trip were always pleasant. A few times we experienced sickness along the way, and those times were difficult indeed. Nevertheless, my overriding memory remains very positive.

Every time we left from home, we knew where we were going; we always had destination in mind. I view the season of Lent as a spiritual journey and its destination is Easter. Easter presupposes Lent. We need Lent to begin to appreciate Easter. In order to taste the newness of Life, even Resurrection Life, we need a journey, a pilgrimage. And so, as we begin it, as we make those first steps of a Lenten journey, let us keep our eyes on the destination. It is the joy of Easter. Lent has been described as the time of “bright sadness”, and so it is. The road may seem long, but along the way a strong and certain light shines on the horizon. Our Lord lives!

From the Celtic Collect comes this prayer “Grant, we beseech thee, loving Father, that we who are disciplined by the Lenten fast, may find our worldly desires weakened, and our desire for Christ more fervent.”

Pastor Carter