The goal of this class is to explain the Biblical basis of our purpose and practice and (we trust) the teaching you receive will result in a greater love and appreciation for Christ, our church, and our city. We also hope to provoke a fresh commitment to participate in the Body of Christ through local church membership, and that you'll decide to join us in reaching out and serving our city.

While the goal of our membership class is obviously membership, taking the class is not just for those who have made the choice to join. The class is also for those who have been regularly attending and are interested in learning more about our church. In other words, participating in this class by no means obligates you to join our church but it does serve as an excellent tool in helping you decide if you want to make City Church your home and is prerequisite if you do decide to join.     

We typically host membership classes three times a year. To find out when our next class is, please contact