When trying to determine the personality of a particular church, many people will ask the question, “what’s the worship like?” It’s a great question, but often times what people are truly asking is, how’s the music?

While we do love music and employ it all throughout our services, we see it as one tool in a large toolbox for Christian worship. Some of the other ways we worship are through corporate confessions, declarations, prayers and the Eucharist. When we gather on Sunday mornings and employ these tools in our services, we are working together for the worship of the one true God and we are tapping into the very blueprint of our existence.

During our times of worship in song, our aim is to engage the heart, mind and will. We do not have multiple services with different musical styles and liturgies, but rather we seek to employ an ancient /future approach that utilizes the best aspects of the ancient church, while also recognizing the age and culture in which we we live.