We believe every Christian should be involved in the serious study of scripture.   We are committed to providing quality Bible studies.  We either go through a book of the Bible or we offer a topical study that is pulled directly from Scripture.  The classes change from semester to semester. Also, those of you with children please note:  We do offer nursery during Sunday school as well as a worker that oversees the grade-school-aged children.

SUNDAYS | 9:30-10:15AM

Cultivating a Theology of Mercy | Led by Pastor Dave
It is not imperative that every church have an official “mercy ministry” program. It is essential, however, that every church member be involved in mercy ministry. Our call individually and as a local church body is to eliminate poverty within our four church walls and work to alleviate poverty in our city. But how does that happen? Join us as we begin a 10 week study on what it means to cultivate a theology of mercy.

The Book of Daniel | Led by Pastor Jack and Pastor Jeremy
When confronted with the challenges of living in a post- Christian culture, how do we respond? The book of Daniel provides us with excellent principles that answer that very question. Daniel and his companions faced seven great trials during their time. Daniel was also given important prophecies about the coming Messiah. There is so much we can learn from this book! Join us as we engage in an in-depth study where we will learn the details of this book, as well as become better equipped to face the challenges in our own day.

Youth Discipleship | Led by Dr. Shannon O’Leary
Part of the mission of City Church Youth is to see youth become disciples who are making disciples. Part of that mission will take place on Sunday Mornings as Dr. O'Leary, Pastor Jeremy, and others teach our Youth Sunday school class. September 10th will begin the first session of a four part class. This session will focus on teaching students the foundation doctrinal beliefs of the Christian faith and is for 6th-12th Grade students only.

To ask questions or sign up for these classes, please e-mail office@citychurchcc.com or visit our Connect Center in the lobby.