“Equipping Wednesdays” are designed for small classes to gather on the City Church Campus to study a variety of areas that Christians need to be better trained in.  These classes cover everything from finances, marriage, to parenting classes, as well as topical, cultural issues that we need to understand. We envision Wednesday nights as a time where small groups are meeting all over our campus facilities, becoming better equipped as Believers so that we can take the truths and wisdom of God’s Word and practically apply it in very real ways.  Wednesday evenings are for the entire family, which means that we have nursery, kids’ classes, as well as youth group. 

Wednesday evenings

Family Dinner | 5:45pm

Classes- 6:30pm

Family Dinner

At 5:45pm, we will come together as a church family to share a meal before we break out into classes. To help offset the cost of food, the price is $4 for adults and $2 for kids*.

*If the cost is a burden, please don’t let it stop you from coming! We have you covered.

Part of the mission of City Church Kids is to teach kids the truths of the Christian faith. Part of that mission will take place on Wednesday Night as we begin to take kids of all ages through a journey of the Bible by using the Gospel Project. The Gospel Project is a three year curriculum that teaches kids to see Jesus on every page of the Bible. Nursery will also be available at this time for our littles. 


Part of the mission of City Church Youth is to see youth become disciples who are making disciples. Part of that mission will take place on Wednesday Nights as we relaunch City Church Youth. Wednesday nights will be a time when youth will gather together for community and mission. Wednesday nights are geared for students to come hear about the life of Christ and invite their friends to join them.


The Art of Marriage  | Led by Joe and Connie Sengler
Whether you are a newlywed or have been married many years, marriage is something that must be worked at.  This is especially true for the Christian because we have the high calling of modeling Christ and the Church.  This class will focus on communication and how this has the power to make or break relationships.  This class is designed to help build marriages with God’s design for communication and harmony with the goal of achieving real spiritual intimacy.  This class is practical and fun, but also deeply important to the health of marriages.


Communal Reading | Pastor Jack Carter 
Robert Grant, biblical historian, wrote “ The Christian culture of early Christianity was one where books mattered.” There is never a time when the church was without written Scriptures. From its beginning the church recognized the Old Testament and it was for her the authoritative oracles of God. But for the average believer throughout the first two centuries, the content of Christian writings, including what came to be called the authoritative canon or list of New Testament scriptures, was not as much read as it was heard. The text was more engaged with the ears than the eyes. And thus a primary engagement with Scriptures was the public reading of Scripture. This was a common practice in the synagogue and even Paul requests his own letter be read publicly. 

Communal reading is about communal transformation and individual change. We value the input of others. We are grateful for the people God has put around us. Not only will we share insights, but we will promote unity, as to have one heart and one mind, becoming more and more like Christ. Bring your Bible, the more translations, the better. We will begin with the letter of Paul to the Philippians. We will “take eye and read” together.  

To ask questions, please e-mail office@citychurchcc.com