“Equipping Wednesdays” are designed for small classes to gather on the City Church Campus to study a variety of areas that Christians need to be better trained in.  These classes cover everything from finances, marriage, to parenting classes, as well as topical, cultural issues that we need to understand. We envision Wednesday nights as a time where small groups are meeting all over our campus facilities, becoming better equipped as Believers so that we can take the truths and wisdom of God’s Word and practically apply it in very real ways.  Wednesday evenings are for the entire family, which means that we have nursery, kids’ classes, as well as youth group. 


Part of the mission of City Church Kids is to teach kids the truths of the Christian faith. Part of that mission will take place on Wednesday Night as we begin to take kids of all ages through a journey of the Bible by using the Gospel Project. The Gospel Project is a three year curriculum that teaches kids to see Jesus on every page of the Bible. Nursery will also be available at this time for our littles.

Part of the mission of City Church Youth is to see youth become disciples who are making disciples. Part of that mission will take place on Wednesday Nights as we relaunch City Church Youth. Wednesday nights will be a time when youth will gather together for community and mission. Wednesday nights are geared for students to come hear about the life of Christ and invite their friends to join them.

City Church Choir | Led by Kelly Hansen
The purpose of the City Church Choir is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song; encourage believers in their walk with Christ; lead the congregation in worship, and provide an avenue through which individuals may share their gifts and talents for the glory of God. If you love singing and want to participate in the City Church Choir, we will be rehearsing every Wednesday evening from 6:30-8pm.

Leadership Cohort | Led by Pastor Dave
The church ought to see itself as a leadership factory that stirs up the gifts of God in people. Think about it; Jesus did not build his church by recruiting the 12 ‘best and brightest’ and platforming them in large stadiums around the world. His disciples were average people with little to no formal theological training. But by pouring into them, they were used to help change the world. But now what about us? How can God use the people of City Church to help change Corpus Christi? If you are interested in being a leader in our church, for our city, come and be a part of this cohort.

Human Sexuality – A Biblical Approach | Led by Kristin Lescalleet
We live in a culture where a secular view of sexuality is the leading philosophy. This view dominates media, entertainment, and education. Today, more than ever, Christians need to have a Biblical understanding of human sexuality as it relates to gender, marriage, families, and sexual practices themselves. There is so much confusion in our culture about sexuality, and people are hurting from life-styles that actually cause harm and do not promote human flourishing. As Christians, we believe that our loving God created sex and has given us direction on how to best use this gift. Therefore, we must learn to articulate this both in our homes and to a hurting world. The goal of this class is two-fold: to strengthen our understanding of God’s design of sexuality and also to learn how to minister in love to those struggling with sexual issues. Join us for a ten-week series as we study this important topic.

To ask questions or sign up for these classes, please e-mail office@citychurchcc.com or visit our Connect Center in the lobby.