We are a local body of believers standing with the best of the ancient Christian tradition committed to renewing the City of Corpus Christi socially, spiritually, and culturally.

At City Church, we continue to work towards fostering a community of authenticity, honesty, and unconditional love where everyone has the freedom to fail, struggle, and rejoice that Christ indeed died for big sinners like us.

Recognizing that we are made for no greater calling than to glorify the Lord and to enjoy Him forever, we are wanting to build and to grow City Church not as a monument to ourselves or a community unto ourselves, but as an organic institution with the singular purpose of bringing honor, praise, and worship to our God with the purpose of serving our city as Christ has served us.

We are committed to the following:

  1. A church that symbolizes our city’s diversity.
  2. A church that is city positive. We don’t view the city as something to consume and retreat from, but a place to engage and serve.
  3. A church that is culture and diversity positive. We are building a church centered in a community of non and new-believers—young and old, rich and poor, liberal and conservative.
  4. A church that intentionally engages the questions of skeptic and believer alike with the truth of the gospel.
  5. A church that will build connections with other city-centered communities both Christian and non-Christian.
  6. A church that comes and goes, as we send our members out of the church and into the city, moving in communities and workplaces of Corpus Christi as faithful missionaries of Christ (we enter to worship but leave to serve!).
  7. A church that celebrates life by manifesting God’s glory in creation and redemption and pursued with a worshipful vigor everyday of the week and not just on Sunday.
  8. A church that understands brokenness and the continuing effects of sin.
  9. A church that understands grace and the continuing effects of forgiveness.
  10. A church that is committed to eliminating need within our community and alleviating need outside of our community.